Vendor Central Metrics Solution

Etailytics combines all of the ARA Basic reports from Vendor Central into one comprehensive dashboard. You do not need to tediously download all of the reports--Etailytics does this once per month automatically. It puts all of the metrics into a database and presents them in a consolidated dashboard. Review metrics like receipts or lost buy bux rate on a monthly or yearly basis.

Amazon ARA Basic Reports

Amazon provides vendors with robust weekly and monthly metrics through their ARA reporting in Vendor Central. Vendors have access to sales, inventory, forecasts, in-stock, out-of-stock, and dozens of other data points. There is also a new Chargebacks report.

ARA Limitations

The metrics are complex and broken up in multiple reports and areas. Weekly data expires every week and monthly data expires after 24 months. This can cause gaps in a vendor's understanding of their Amazon business. Additionally, if vendors want to capture the data, they must manually download every report each month.

The Etailytics Solution

Etailytics solves for all of these problems. The system will automatically download ARA Basic reports from Vendor Central each month. Reports are stored in a database that powers a comprehensive Amazon metrics dashboard. Vendors have greater visibility into every data point for every month captured. They can view monthly summaries or yearly trends for all metrics. There is no more lost data and key metrics are visualized in charts.

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